An average girl with a passion to make Orlando a beautiful place to live.

The Orlando Girl offers a fresh perspective of the city and was created to inspire the community to go out and have fun.

Born and raised in Central Florida, Krystle grew up exploring Orlando with her family and learned how to navigate her way around the city before Google Maps existed. Krystle continues to develop an appreciation for the city as the community grows and enjoys sharing her knowledge of not-so-secret places to explore in Central Florida.


Contributing Writer

Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany is passionate about exploring what is trending in Central Florida and writing about her experiences.  She was born and raised in Orlando, Florida so she has witness Orlando aka 'The City Beautiful' go through many transformations and believes that growth comes from taking calculated risks, therefore she believes in all of its improvements.  Tiffany is Krystle's little sister.