Awe-Inspiring Art Forms // Aerial Silks at Vixen Fitness Studio

Gorgeous silky material wrapping around the body.

Gorgeous silky material wrapping around the body.

Aerial silks is a beautiful and awe-inspiring activity that I've always wanted to learn. Last week, I had the opportunity to try aerial silks for the first time at Vixen Fitness and it was one of the most challenging, yet most incredible workout experiences.

Aerial silks is an athletic/performance art form that involves paired lengths of fabric curtain sheets hanging from the ceiling. The fabric is strong, supple, and pliable enough to be wrapped around various parts of the body to create dramatic movements and poses from the ground. Aerial silks is gaining popularity with fitness studios and workout programs can help build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Coming into this class with absolutely no experience? No problem. The instructors at Vixen Fitness Studio were encouraging and helpful. Lauriel spent one-on-one time with all of the beginners to make sure everyone understood the methods/concepts. Even though the class was 60 minutes - time flew by so quickly that it felt like I was only there for 15 minutes!

Aerial silks requires a lot of upper body and core strength to be done correctly. Climbing is the hardest part of this activity, and it will take more than one class to get the "hang" of things. It took a lot of courage for me to defy gravity and suspend myself from above the ground - but the results, felt amazing!


  • Read the class requirements
  • Wear tights and no loose clothing
  • Do not wear jewelry
  • Use Dry Hands (non-sticky gripping solution)
  • Have fun!

"Don't get discouraged - everyone felt the same frustration! If it were easy, everyone would do it. Also, don't try aerial and think you're not strong enough or flexible enough yet. You make gains on the journey and your journey will be different from your peers'. Consistency is key! Getting better will take time and diligence." - Kathryn Diego

Vixen Fitness Studio offers a variety of fun and different fitness activities. There's full studio rental space with a champagne/wine lounge area and it's an ideal place to host a party with the girls! The studio's team can create personalized packages to fit the needs of your party. The studio also collaborates with local businesses to host Member Appreciation Day and you can receive special treats!

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